SOAR is the community coalition working together to promote the healthy development of children, youth and families in Martin Luther King County to ensure that all children succeed in school and in life. 

Who We Are - SOAR - Difference MakersSOAR’s work reaches from prenatal care to young adulthood, allowing us to break down silos and coordinate among sectors, regions, ages, and more. At SOAR we:

Collaborate between early childhood and youth development stakeholders based on shared goals and a common vision to achieve more coordinated systems; 
Network to share resources and expertise and strengthen connections between individuals, organizations and communities to improve services;
Advocate by engaging our partners in influencing public policy and practice, to improve the conditions and support systems for children, youth and families; and 
Build Capacity by providing professional development and training to strengthen individual, organizational and community skills and expertise.

Doing work that no single agency can accomplish alone, SOAR builds and strengthens effective partnerships to support children and youth. SOAR is a diverse, experienced, neutral coalition of public, private and nonprofit entities that effectively convenes stakeholders to sustain county-wide action and dialogue.

SOAR is sustained by a growing and diverse base of Funding Partners including United Way of King County, Thrive by Five Washington, King County Developmental Disabilities Division, the City of Seattle, and many individual and organizational contributors.