What does SOAR stand for?
The name SOAR is not an acronym. The organization was formed when Project Lift-Off and the United Way of King County Children’s Initiative merged, and the spirit of flight and the idea of helping kids reach for the sky were maintained in the name. In 2010 the tagline was updated to read “building effective partnerships for children, youth and families,” more clearly reflecting the essence of SOAR’s work.

What is an Action Team?
With members drawn from community organizations, businesses, schools, government agencies and faith-based groups, Action Teams concentrate on a specific goal of one of the SOAR Action Agendas, ranging from the strengthening of mentorship opportunities to helping children get ready to start kindergarten. View a complete list of Action Teams and descriptions

How can I get involved?
Thanks for asking! There are a number of ways you can get involved in SOAR, whether as an individual, a representative of an agency, local government, school or other entity, or as part of an interested community group. Since SOAR is a collaboration of existing groups and stakeholders throughout the community, getting involved can be as simple as connecting the work you’re already doing to SOAR so that others are aware of it and it’s seen as part of the larger, systemic picture of what we’re doing for children, youth and families in King County. You can also get involved with SOAR by:

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