As a community-wide coalition, SOAR is rooted in partnerships. SOAR’s organizational model includes:

Partnership Council

  • Provides overall vision, strategic direction and systems-level leadership
  • Develops and nurtures system partnerships
  • Assists staff in ensuring sufficient financial  and other resources are available to achieve SOAR’s goals

Age-Specific Coalitions (ELC & YDN)

  • Comprised of partners who provide guidance, support, oversight, and makes key strategic decisions regarding project design and activities

Action Teams

  • Comprised of partners who implement strategies, activities and projects 

SOAR Staff

  • Manage and provide leadership to SOAR projects
  • Provide logistical and technical support to advance the efforts of SOAR
  • Support partners in taking lead project roles

Affiliated Efforts

  • SOAR promotes, supports and works with other community efforts that align with SOAR’s mission and vision