Below are several local early learning collaborative entities that SOAR supports. Please contact them directly to get involved. 


Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA)

The Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA) is a dynamic, growing coalition of organizations representing a diverse array of Washington nonprofits, professional associations, businesses and industries. We are united by the belief that all children in Washington State deserve to have the opportunities and support they need in their first five years of life to be prepared for school and a bright future. ELAA Webpage

Eastside Pathways

Eastside Pathways mobilizes our entire community to support every child, step by step, from cradle to career. Families, providers, schools and cities unite around common goals, measurements, and strategies to maximize each child’s opportunity for a productive, fulfilling life. Eastside Pathways provides the framework to sustain an on-going, community-wide effort to make a measureable difference for kids by engaging, connecting, and supporting organizations and individuals who contribute to their successful upbringing.

FACES – Families And Children Early Support

FACES (Families And Children Early Support) is a consortium of early childhood educators, agencies, organizations, funders, school staff, advocates and community members who work to support early development, education and school readiness efforts throughout King County. The groups use a variety of strategies to ensure that all children and families are ready for their school experience and that schools welcome and support families in their diversity. There are FACES groups in each sub-region of King County: North, South, Seattle, and East. Each group works on goals for their local area, and also on those that will benefit children in the County as a whole. 

King County Alliance for Human Services

The King County Alliance for Human Services is a group of King County residents who are concerned about the abilities of all our neighbors to meet their basic human needs. Many of us are human service providers from across the county and from many different types of agencies. We are also funders, recipients of services, representatives from local governments and County government, and faith-based communities.

Seattle Human Services Coalition

The Seattle Human Services Coalition is a multi-racial, multi-cultural group of human service providers and concerned community members committed to helping Seattle-King County residents meet their basic human needs. Our work is organized through thirteen member coalitions each representing an area of service within the community such as hunger intervention, domestic violence prevention and response, early education, eliminating institutional racism, community healthcare and homelessness to name only a few. These groups of diverse individuals collaborate to identify a shared agenda and mobilize communities to act on a vision to help our communities meet their basic human needs.