SOAR works to build partnerships between parents/caregivers, early childhood educators and elementary schools to support school readiness and assure effective transition to kindergarten. SOAR has a strong history of innovation in supporting the transition to kindergarten. Current related projects include:

Getting School Ready Action Team – PROJECT COMPLETED

The SOAR Getting School Ready Action Team developed a research-based transition team model in 2003 that is designed to build partnerships between parents/caregivers, early childhood educators and kindergarten teachers to support school readiness and effective transition to kindergarten.

In partnership with the United Way of King County, the SOAR Getting School Ready Action Team provides annual grants to 25-30 Martin Luther King County elementary schools in 7-9 school districts to create teams of kindergarten teachers, early care providers, and parents and community partners, such as the King County Library System, that create and implement outreach and school readiness plans unique to respective school’s needs.  This model typically engages nearly 1500+ parents of young children and their early care providers in coordinated school readiness and transition activities. For a workbook on helpful activities that promote school readiness and transition to kindergarten click here.

WaKIDS Early Learning Regional Coordination Project

SOAR also plays an integral role in the implementation of the WaKIDS Early Learning Regional Coordination Project, working  with our partners at the Puget Sound ESD to convene,  connect and share Kindergarten Readiness data with the parents and early care providers of young children.

WaKIDS Demonstration Project

SOAR has also generated local support for the WaKIDS Demonstration Project  in two south King County elementary schools, Cedar Valley Elementary (Kent) and Olympic View Elementary (Federal Way).  With support from United Way of King County and the Boeing Company, SOAR and its school partners are focusing data-driven, community-based strategic interventions that focus on closer selected preparation gaps among future kindergartners at these schools. A third school, Mark Twain Elementary in Federal Way, will be added to the project in 2013-14 through the genereous support of the Seattle Foundation.