SOAR has worked on numerous projects and coalitions, if you are interested in learning more about what our organizing looked like in the past please check out the links below:

King County Youth Development Network
The SOAR King County Youth Development Network is a group of youth development stakeholders who build partnerships, coordinate services, speak with a common voice, and inform and oversee SOAR’s school-age children and youth-related coalition work.

Striving to build a supportive, cohesive and cooperative youth development community to ensure that all young people in King County have access to high quality programs and caring, supportive adults.  Click here to learn more.

Youth Engagement
Creating a dynamic professional development program promoting organizational and community transformation that is comprised of experienced adult practitioners of youth engagement who are committed to cultivating shared knowledge, overcoming limitations, and sharing multiple perspectives from the field.  Click here to learn more.

School Partnerships
Exploring effective collaboration strategies between community-based organizations and K-12 schools that support children and youth’s academic and social success by sharing local testimonials from front line staff, principals, teachers, and administrative staff.  Click here to learn more.

Social Justice Youth Development
Working to identifying anti-oppression organizational and programming practices, identify tools and opportunities to make systemic change locally, convene programs, and sparking dialogues around social justice youth development in King County.  Click here to learn more.