SOAR has a strong history of supporting social justice across the age continuum, and especially in our work to support youth in King County. 

  • Curriculum & Tools: SOAR developed and distributes the Multicultural Youth Leadership Curriculum to help young people ages 14 to 18 explore their leadership styles and cultural identity, and dissect the complex relationships between power, leadership, choices and culture. 

  • Professional Development & Networking: SOAR facilitated MYL Curriculum training for over 400 youth development workers in King County between 2006-2012. SOAR also regularly convenes program staff around expanding social justice and youth development practice in King County.

  • Youth Leadership: Currently, SOAR is facilitating a project on youth organizing, which centers social justice principles and practices. For more information, visit our page on the Youth Organizing Project. SOAR is also convening the King County Youth Advisory Council, a group of young people, aged 16-24 who advise local funders and decision-makers on issues that impact youth and youth adults in King County. For details, visit our page on the Youth Advisory Council.