Multicultural Youth Leadership is a curriculum module for youth professionals to address culture, leadership, identity and empowerment with diverse youth ages 14 to 18.

This curriculum is FREE and available for any program working on leadership skills with multi-ethnic young people ages 14 to 18. This curriculum module helps young people explore their own experiences of culture and leadership. Youth will explore the complex relationships between leadership, choices and culture. They will learn about mainstream, traditional and bridge-building leadership styles, and will begin to build bridges in their own lives.

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Printed Materials Needed:

  • Activity Series 1: What is Culture handout – 1 per participant
  • Activity Series 1: Ingredients of Culture handout – 1 per participant
  • Activity Series 1: Spectrum posters for wall (“Conflict is fine” “Conflict must be avoided”) – 1 set per group
  • Activity Series 2: Types of Leadership Titles posters (“Mainstream”, “Traditional”, “Cross-Cultural”) 1 per group
  • Activity Series 2: Types of Leadership Definitions poster – 1 per group
  • Activity Series 2: Types of Leadership and Scenarios handout – 1 per participant
  • Activity Series 2, Part 2: Interactive Art Project – Definitions & Quotes – 1 per group, cut u
  • Activity Series 3: Ethical Decision Making Steps posters – 1 copy per group
  • Activity Series 4: Fishbowl identities – 1 copy per group, cut-up
  • Closing: Voice of a Leader handout – 1 per participant
  • Closing (alternative): Bridge Builder Reflection – 1 per participant

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What are people saying about Multicultural Youth Leadership? 

All responses are from providers who work with youth.

“Right on with what I have been thinking about and look for!”
“This was great! I’m just beginning two groups working with diverse youth and I’m looking for ideas I can use.”
“Good for communicating on hard topics.”
“I appreciated the experiential nature of the training (much more accessible to teens).”
“Very helpful. Seems like a great curriculum, easy to adapt to more specific needs and situations.”
“I like the energy, movement, critical thinking.”
“Great that it was experiential = easier to grasp concepts and have an understanding of what this will be like for youth to experience.
“VERY engaging activities.”
“This is ideal for our program and complements what we’re already doing.”
“The curriculum is just what we were looking for and we are so glad we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”
“Activities that get people thinking, talking, feeling within self and with others. Thank you!”
“A creative way to encourage multi-cultural leadership in youth programming.”
“Thank you for finding the funding and making this available free of cost.”