The King County Youth Advisory Council is a group of young people formed in 2013 from Seattle and South King County who are advising and informing county-wide youth initiatives, programs, youth voice, and leadership.

We are visionaries and dreamers. We know what we want. We are diverse- all from different races, cultures, styles, backgrounds- and we are going through similar things. We are young, misunderstood, and judged by our appearances. We are resilient, overcoming adversity and want to succeed. We are strong, revolutionary, and we are fighting. We want change and we want to help. We are doing this for others. We want to be heard. We are breaking the cycle.

Beginning in January 2013, the Council was created to inform the United Way of King County’s decision-making process around investing in older youth. The group is comprised of about 30 young people, aged 16-24 who have direct or close experiences with leaving school and/or being unemployed as a young adult.

This group is facilitated by adults and young adults from SOAR and Opportunity Youth United. Read the Summary Report here.

Group Summary
Here’s how the group describe themselves:

high school student, bisexual, mature, young, want to graduate, Evergreen, SeaTac, motivated, professional, athletic, analytical, teen mom, learner, daughter, brother, observant, runner, funny, traveler, senior, strong, White Center, visionary, uncle, hard worker, Garfield, leader, chill, mechanic, responsible, community minded, Highline, respectful, Mexican, want a job, soccer player, Ethiopian, fashion-minded, almost have AA degree, queer, Honduran, live on my own, Peru, dad deported, team player, self-sufficient, no regrets, love cars, hope to be a lawyer, immigrant, bi/tri-lingual 

What KYAC Does

The King County Youth Advisory Council has grown into a group that realized in order to elevate youth voice and truly change policy they would also need to become more action oriented. Currently the council is focused on four areas as a group, these include:

  1. Project Development and Implementation that is focused and driven by youth interests and needs
  2. Professional Development opportunities and goals that enable them to have long lasting skills to be empowered in their communities
  3. Field Trips into their communities and forging partnerships with other youth and youth serving organizations
  4. And Civic Engagement by serving as the Local Community Action Team for Opportunity Youth United

The King County Youth Advisory Council currently meets once a month on third Tuesdays.

Reach out to our Youth Voice Organizer for more information on meeting days and times.